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Beginner to Advanced

Children and Adults Welcome

Call today to get started! 

No contracts required.  Pay as you go.


Guitar Lessons.  Piano Lessons.  Banjo Lessons. 

1111 Noble Street Downtown Anniston

Call Amy Henry Hardy at 256-45-1055 to schedule your free Meet and Greet

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Gift Certificates Available.

Guitar lessons make great gifts.

Give the gift of music !


Be a Well-Rounded Player

We offer instruction in all of the important aspects of playing guitar, including:

  • How to strum along (rhythm playing)
  • How to accompany yourself when you sing
  • How to play lead
  • How to read music
  • How to play fingerstyle

We believe learning should be fun and friendly.

We will adapt your lessons to your needs and learning style.​

You do not have to sign a contract. You can pay as you go.

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What We Offer

We offer lessons for beginner to advanced players. For children and adults.

Acoustic or Electric Guitar.  Fingerstyle or Flatpick.  Country, Rock & Blues.

How to play chords, how to read sheet music and tablature.

We also offer lessons for banjo and bass guitar.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Give us a call and ask us.

Call or text Amy Hardy at 256-453-1055 or

What We Offer


Lead Guitar


Rhythm Guitar


1111 Noble Street Downtown Anniston

(256) 453-1055 

Amy Henry Hardy

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